" Angela Dinkelman gave a sensitive portrayal, her shimmering soprano well-suited to the part..." - Opera News

"From her entrance, soprano Angela Dinkelman dominated the action as Baby Doe, capturing that character's mix of sweetness and steel. Her voice warmed audibly in the first act, losing its flutey sound and finding the silver beneath. She was...impressive in the second act, capturing Baby's isolation in polite society and later destitution. ...The finale was most powerful of all, moved to the stage of the Tabor Opera House in Leadville, CO, as her husband died in her arms."
- Paperblog

"Baby Doe was sung by Angela Dinkelman, whose soprano sits very pleasantly in the middle voice where most of the role lies but rises prettily to the D’s and C-sharps as called for. She is a warm actress...one believed in the sincerity of her love for [Horace]."- Parterre Box

"We were most enthralled by the otherworldly magic of Angela Dinkelman's Fairy Godmother...Massenet gave her the best music and she didn't let him down" - Voche di Meche